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Rent Increase in April

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI) is described by the rent increase in April, according to data rate of inflation figures were announced. In March 2021, the CPI increased by 1.08% compared to the previous month, 3.71% compared to December of the previous year, 16.19% compared to the month of the previous year, and 13.18% compared to the twelve-month averages. The highly anticipated inflation figures continued to rise.

The 12-month CPI average rate of rent increase in April 2021 announced by TURKSTAT was calculated as 13.81%.


Housing Rent: 1000 TL

TURKSTAT WPI CPI April 2021 Rent Increase Rate: 13.81%

Rent Increase Amount for April: 131,80 TL

April 2021 Increase Rental Amount Including Rent Increase Rate: 1.131,80 TL

According to the announced figures, the rent increase to be paid by a tenant with a rent of thousand TL is calculated as TL 131.80, and the increase in rent is TL 1,131,80.

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